An award winning London music promoter from Berkshire, who recently became a mum, has set-up a concert for mums with small children and babies- taking place on January 12th 2016 in Holyport. She says:

“I love being a mum but it has changed my lifestyle so much, and it does feel lonely sometimes being at home all day with not very much choice of entertaining activities to do with a small baby. I love socializing and going to see bands play but it is hard to do in the evenings when you have to put the baby to bed so a morning event seemed like the perfect thing for mums like me” 

Mums, dads, grandparents, and carers with babies and children from Bracknell, Windsor, Maidenhead, Ascot, Slough, Egham and the surrounding areas will be pleased to hear that there are some daytime concerts starting, which are designed for parents with young children and babies. The live shows named ‘Rock By Baby’ will feature musicians performing acoustic versions of rock and pop songs, which have been specifically repurposed for the ears of babies. The performance aims to stimulate the babies and children, as well as educate them in classic rock music from the different decades. They will be presented by musicians performing on instruments such as cello, guitar and vocals – that will appeal to young children. These concerts will also be a community for mums and dads to meet other local like-minded people, who enjoy live music but cannot go to gigs anymore because they are generally held in the evenings and are too loud for small ears, and are held past their bedtime. The ‘Rock By Baby’ concerts will aim to bring together and create a space for parents to relax in an environment that will be catered to their every need. The first concert will take place at the Jolly Gardeners in the beautiful rural village of Holyport (Moneyrow Green), which is a 5 minute drive from Windsor and Maidenhead and a short distance from Ascot and Bracknell, at 10am on the 12th January.

The venue will be set-up for mums with children who can change nappies in the venue, mums can feed their babies comfortably, or let their tot crawl around on rugs on the floor near to the musicians. There will be a menu of drinks such as teas, coffees, as well as healthy green smoothies containing valuable nutrients (spinach, apple, banana, avocado, blueberries etc) to assist with mums fatigue, or breast-feeding. One ticket option includes unlimited tea and coffee for an additional low cost of £3. The car park is free, and a pram park will be inside the venue.

The venue owner, Caroline Burke, is a recent mum herself having given birth to a beautiful baby boy in September this year, and says “I think that this is a fantastic idea, as a mum I want my baby to experience live music performances. We look forward to welcoming lots of mums and dads or grandparents to just chill out and 

enjoy some music with their little ones, and hopefully meet other people that they can socialize with. We are really looking forward to this.

The organizer of this event, Kat Jackman, recently had a baby after a successful career in the music industry, setting up a business in partnership with Universal Music. One of her major projects was programming and managing the music for the main outdoor music stage within the Olympic Park for London 2012; where she provided over 50 UK artists to perform to hundreds of thousands of guests within the Olympic Park. Many of the audience members were children and families. (Photo of the stage). Jackman was a member of the music industry panel for the BBC TV show ‘The Voice” choosing which contestants made it onto live TV, as well as being a talent scout for the show. She has also worked with children at schools with community projects and workshops, with members of the BBC Concert orchestra, so she is well equipped to provide a perfect experience for parents and children or babies.

The concert tickets could be a great Christmas gift for mums. Tickets are limited so that the size of the group is small and friendly. You can buy your tickets now by visiting the Facebook Page

Ticket information: 

Babies and toddlers are FREE

One adult concert ticket: £10 (Incl. booking fee)

One adult concert ticket: £13 with unlimited tea or coffee (incl. booking fee)

One adult concert ticket: For 3 concerts includes free unlimited tea and coffee at each session: £30 (Incl. booking fee)

Visitors must be accompanied by a baby/child. Parents must be responsible for their children for the entire concert. It is encouraged to being a shaker/rattle so that the babies can join in with the band during the concert.

Kat Jackman