Matthew Fitzpatrick, a Podiatrist from the College of Podiatry, reveals his top tips for keeping your feet safe and comfortable before, during and after a marathon.

1) Know your feet – be aware of when they are uncomfortable. Don’t bear through the pain; make sure you check your feet for blisters or redness especially when trying out new trainers.

2) New Trainers – these are a must as the perfect trainer will not last forever. Don’t change them too close to the main run though, as you want your feet to feel comfortable and accustomed to them.

3) Hygiene is key – washing your feet and airing your trainers to reduce the chance of a build-up of fungal elements and bacteria, this will help protect your feet – you don’t want anything to cause irritation over 26.2miles.

4) Your feet are going to take the brunt of the impact, but don’t neglect other parts of your body – stretch and make sure you keep an eye on your legs.

5) Finally – if in doubt or concerned in anyway – go and see a podiatrist and get your feet checked out.