A beautiful dining space is an asset to any home whether it is in a separate room or as part of a kitchen living area. An elegant entertaining area can be very useful and give the home a special feel.

The table will always be the star of the show, so invest wisely. A high quality, stunning piece will never go out of fashion and can even be passed down through the generations. The type and style of table really depends on the style of house and décor throughout. Many modern properties suit a glass and polished stainless option, while in other more traditional houses it would be more appropriate to use a beautiful wood veneer such as oak or sycamore in either a high gloss or matt finish, perhaps even with marquetry.

The base of the table can also be a striking feature, pedestal bases will always give the most impact and there are numerous options available in all finishes. Dining tables can be designed and made bespoke to your requirements. This includes the shape of the table which is always dictated to by the shape of the room. Rectangular tables are clearly the most common choice however round tables can suit square rooms, while oval tables can be helpful if space is restricted.

A beautiful dining chair should then be selected to complement the style of the table. We usually recommend upholstered padded dining chairs for additional comfort and there are unlimited options for types of fabrics that would work. Choosing the fabric really depends on the use of the

dining space. If it is a more formal entertaining space, a stunning velvet would be ideal, but if it is a place for the children to eat their lunch, a more durable fabric or an easy to wipe faux leather would be a better option.

The decision of whether the dining chairs should be carver chairs or not, really depends on the size of the dining table and the size of the room. Assess the space available and make sure everyone would be able to pull their chair right in without restricting the space too much.

Storage space in a dining area is always helpful and should not be forgotten, usually the more storage a home has the more livable it becomes. A sideboard is a common choice for the dining area and it can be designed to complement the table. Other options are bespoke joinery for shelving which can be used for decorative accessories while cupboard space can be used to hide away items and keep the space clutter-free.

Whether your dining room is a formal space or a more relaxed area, there is the opportunity to design a beautiful space which is a joy to use and experience, whether everyday or just on special occasions.

Jenny Allen