Your Stars in June

This month looks very promising for productivity and for the manifestation of long held plans and ideas. Transformational Pluto, abundant Jupiter and Mercury, the planet of commerce start the month in brilliant alignment with each other. Mars, the action planet, continues in retrograde motion until the very last day of the month.  This position is [...]

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Your Stars in April 2016

April moves the zodiac sign Aries to the forefront, this is a powerful sign that starts off the astrological year and brings an abundance of vitality and drive with it.  Whether you are a sun sign Aries or not you too can connect with the collective stream of dynamism and creative imagination and bring your [...]

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Your Stars – February 2016

  The love planet Venus and transformational Pluto are in close aspect all month, supplying powerful energy for the romantic time leading up to Valentine’s Day on the 14th!  On the 10th Venus makes a spectacular alignment to Jupiter, the planet of good fortune; this could turn out to be a brilliant day for love, [...]

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Will 2016 be your year?

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Your Stars in November & December

The cosmos during November and December 2015 Jupiter, Venus and Mars all occupy the industrious sign of Virgo at the start of the month; perfect timing to take stock, get motivated and plan ahead. The Sun is in perfect harmony with mystical Neptune making November a month of idealism, friendship and romance!  Mercury, the planet [...]

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Your Stars for September and October

  September 2015  This is always a busy month as the diligent Virgo sun turns attention to concentration and study, schools and colleges start their new term and hard work begins again. Mighty Jupiter is close to the Sun at the start of the month, bringing an optimistic feeling for life with the focus on [...]

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July kicks off with a specular cosmic union of Venus and Jupiter in the majestic sign of Leo. This dynamic energy is available to all, highlighting creativity and benefitting optimism, confidence and self-esteem. This month is special as we have not one but two full moons, the first in Capricorn on the 2nd and the [...]

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August brings an abundance of Leo energy, the lion is roaring and he brings passion, fire, love and romance - just in time for the holiday season! The love planet Venus is in retrograde motion all month, providing lessons in evaluating the real worth of relationships and partnerships. Direct motion commences early September when life [...]

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Star: May 2015

May 2015: May brings plenty of fiery energy, it is the perfect month for original and creative ideas to take shape. An ongoing brilliant alignment between expansive Jupiter in Leo and innovative Uranus in Aries means that anything is possible! Motivational Mars gathers speed and moves into fast paced Gemini on the 12th. Mars in [...]

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Stars: June 2015

June 2015: Although international tension may be easing off this month there are still some volatile cosmic events that may still cause concern. Fortunately the Sun and Mercury in Gemini both bring hope for better communication and positive global discussions. Constructive dialogue is also encouraged by energetic Mars also in Gemini until the 25th, and Mercury’s [...]

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