brunel-uniNuruz Zaman is also a runner up in this year’s AlongTheThames Creative Writing Prize at Brunel University

Football’s coming home…Well, not quite the world cup we all hope and dream for, instead, the Olympic football finals will be played in England and our beloved national stadium (local for some of us), will be hosting a selection of these wonderful games.

With the Olympics fast approaching, and with me working as a safety supervisor for some of these magnificent up and coming Olympic events, I thought I’d write this article to share with you my excitement and assure you just how great it will be. Having already worked at various Olympic test events throughout the past year, I have seen the meticulous planning involved in order for each event to run smoothly and ensure the spectators have a wonderful day out. A personal highlight for me was working for the women’s beach volleyball at Horse Guards Parade. This was the first Olympic test event I had worked for, and was the event which made me realise just how amazing each and every event will be. For me, the fascinating part of it all, was the fact that you do not necessarily have be absorbed with the actual sport, it’s more to do with the thrill of being there and witnessing the effort and commitment these Olympians have put in to entertain us and fulfill their dreams of winning that gold medal.

Being a South Londoner, I was pleased that the journey to Wembley stadium wasn’t a difficult one. For me, the match day experience begins the moment you wake up and begin to get ready for what will be a wonderful and memorable occasion, dare I even use the age old cliché of ‘a once in a lifetime experience’, for who knows when the Olympics will next return to these British shores. In many ways, the 50-minute journey to Wembley is a pleasant experience, as you see the wonderful colours being paraded by the fans of their respective teams as they voice their joy of travelling up to North West London to support their team.

On arrival to the Stadium, which wasn’t difficult to locate as you could literally spot it a mile away, you are greeted by stewards who are ready to help and direct you. The sheer beauty of the architecture is astonishing; especially in the evening when the arch towers in the sky and draws you in like a star. It is truly a beautiful sight to look at, lighting up the London sky.

Once inside, the atmosphere is astounding, as you can imagine with Wembley boasting a capacity of some 90 000. I had the pleasure of working for the Champions League final last May between Manchester United F.C and Barcelona F.C and the noise created by the Barcelona fans was tremendously deafening yet hugely enjoyable as they bellowed in unison to ‘Cant del Barca’.  If this experience is anything to go by, then truly you are in for a treat when the Olympic teams grace the field and their respective national anthems rings around the stadium bringing the crowd to their feet.

With Wembley’s world-class features and facilities, the Olympic finals will be magnificently played out in front of a diverse and wonderful crowd who will thoroughly enjoy this mesmeric spectacle.

Also, a quick reminder, the Olympic Torch will be passing through Berkshire on 10th of July. However, if your a South Londoner like me, then your best hope of catching a glimpse of this monumental flame will be to go to Wandsworth on the 23rd of July. Who knows, I may even see you there if you are one of the lucky and inspirational 8 000 torch bearers selected to carry this Torch en route to what will be a wonderful and memorable summer. One thing’s for sure, these Olympic games will be sure to live long in our memories and will bring a nation together. Simply put, I cannot wait.