Welcoming a pet into your family soon?
We share some advice!

Adding a pet to your family can be an exciting prospect – there are many decisions to be made;

Which pet? Once that decision is made…

Which breed? 

Which size? 

Another decision that should be part
of the process is will your new pet come from a pet shop, breeder (in the case of cats and dogs) or will you consider rescuing a pet?

There are many animals in need of a loving forever home – dogs, cats, rabbits and smaller pets such as hamsters and chinchillas to name a few. There are also specialist organisations who seek to re-home exotic pets and birds.

Here we share the key things that need to be considered before welcoming any pet in pet into your family, whether you buy or adopt.

Involve ALL of the family in the process

It’s really important to take everyone’s opinion into account. Large dogs may be too strong or active for young children, for example, while some people may prefer cats or a smaller pets such as a rabbit.

Many families decide to get a pet ‘for their children’ but…..don’t expect the children to do all the hard work!!!

Even the most responsible of teenagers will need guidance and supervision when interacting with a pet. Any pet is a big responsibility and the adults in a family must be willing to take this on.

Be prepared for the changes to your life that a pet will bring.

There is no doubt that a new pet will bring lots of love into a family but along with this is also a lot of work. Puppies and kittens especially need a great deal of attention and training – you must be ready and willing to be a responsible pet owner.

Don’t choose a pet on looks alone. Read up on the needs of a particular breed and be sure you can meet them.

Always research the needs and temperament of the pet you have set your heart on….they are not toys that sit quietly in the corner remember!

Be honest about your lifestyle. Have you time to walk a dog, train a puppy, interact with a cat or rabbit? Don’t kid yourself just to get your dream pet, it is not fair on anyone in the long run.

Claire Fryer