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5 ways to spend an hour more effectively…

As our lives become ever more hectic by the day, it can be tough to priorities friends, family, work and socialising and still have enough time to exercise. So with so many ties on your 24 hours, here’s 5 ways that you can make sure you use your gym time wisely. Five ways to use [...]

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12 days of Exercise Challenge

This Christmas Discount Supplements have devised a ’12 Exercises of Xmas’ poster which challenges people of all abilities to complete 12 different exercises. These can be done in a gym or at home and they are suitable for all levels. Here is hunky Santa working hard to keep fit to deliver presents...  

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Are You Sitting Comfortably?

According to consumer research from the British Chiropractic Association, the number of people suffering from back and neck pain rose by almost 10% over the past year.  86% of those surveyed currently experience back or neck ache or have suffered from it in the past; this compares to 77% last year*. We spoke to Active Health [...]

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A time for a new chapter…..

As an Indian summer approaches (hopefully!) September is that time of year we often start new things and experience changes – you might be starting a new job or hobby, be deciding to move house, or your child might be starting school or going away to university for the first time. New beginnings and big [...]

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Female Gym Myths:

With so much fitness literature readily available online and now in many newsagents, it can be difficult to find an accurate source of information that you can depend on. Add to this society’s view of regular exercisers as fitness “freaks”, and it can be easy to feel confused and very alone when looking for a [...]

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Walk into summer

‘Summer time and the livin’ is easy’ …but are your feet up to it? The College of encourages us to put our best foot forward by taking a peek at our feet and getting them summer-ready. |Every year they choose a theme and this years is walking. Our feet carry us some 150,000 miles in [...]

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Natural remedies for the summer

The summer is finally here, which means BBQs and jetting off to sunny destinations for that well deserved R&R. Unfortunately though, hot weather can be difficult for the body to adjust to. It’s important to take measures before sun exposure to avoid dehydration, sunburn, bites and even sunstroke. Below I have listed some essential homeopathic [...]

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Summer Health

Summer holidays can be a great opportunity to increase your exercise frequency, quality of rest and also try some other activites such as ocean swimming, climbing, paddleboarding etc. Weather you’re looking to kick-start a healthy lifestyle or simple want to keep things ticking on holiday and also limit the damage to their hard work which [...]

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5 ways to feel more energised in time for summer

Are you struggling to shake off the tiredness you felt during the long, dark winter? Factors such as stress, lack of sleep, busy lifestyles and a deficiency of the right nutrients can all lead to tiredness and fatigue. Nutrition expert Pharma Nord (hyperlink to gives some tips to help you feel re-energised in time [...]

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Local Jazzercise teacher attends the Queen’s Royal Garden Party

Marthese Attard attends The Queen’s Royal Garden Party Marthese Attard, our local Jazzercise Instructor, attended to one of the most prestigious parties of the year on Thursday, 28th May 2015 - The Queen’s Royal Garden Party in Buckingham Palace. Marthese who has been teaching Jazzercise in Buckinghamshire for the past 25 years, was royally invited [...]

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